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The college had just purchased 5 Sharp MZ-80K computers and the sharp Sharp Users Club was actually started by students from Yeovil College, but soon grew to include local Sharp MZ-80K enthusiasts. I aim to cover most of it but, to keep things within bounds, I have omitted compilers, which were comprehensively reviewed in Vol. . ste&39;pped up version of the MZ-80K, is a personal. And we have the HUCALC 80K+ and Sharplan spreadsheets, and the CPE Database. MZ-80B Desktop pdf manual download.

Uroko Sakanabito 172 views. A reference card is attached to the MZ-40K kit, giving a recapitulatory overview of all functions, commands, and the necessary keyboard inputs. The Sharp MZ-80B was the second computer released in the MZ-80 series, following the release of the MZ-80K in 1978 in Japan and 1979 in Europe. Japanese MZ-80C Manual. Many of them could easily double as games, and should perhaps be included in that category. · DL073 - Teardown & Repairing A Sharp MZ-80K Vintage Computer - Duration: 32:20. 29/11/20 -- Documents -- It&39;s been a long time coming but I&39;ve finally uploaded the fully commented and documented MZ-80K SP-1002 Monitor assembly listing. The disavantage was that user had to load a language from tape each time he.

Try yourself or look for readable commands in a hex-dump of the MZF-file. Third Impression 1982Fotr the beginner and average hobbyist. The Sharp MZ-80K was one of the earliest desktop computers sharp mz-80k manual and was clearly designed to compete with the Commodore PET. The MZ-80K Library contains educational programs, at various levels. One design fault was that the volume control for the built-in speaker was inside the case.

TANDY Radio Shack TRS-80 Pocket Vtg PC computer Sharp w/ Printer manual? German SP-5010 Basic Manual. One year later, a cost reduced version, the MZ-80K2e, was marketed as an anniversay model when MZ serie sales reached one hundred thousand machines. Unfortunately, we do not have legal access to a disk database, but WDPRO can be used as a database, thanks to its FIND command. 71 ) and you can play Bridge, Mah Jong, Draughts, Poker, etc. Sharp provided DISKETTE INIT to format disks, and DISKETTE COPY to copy disks ( the original version will not copy a master disk, but the SUC’s DISK COPY V2. SP-1002 Documented Monitor ROM Listing.

Sharp sharp mz-80k manual MZ-80K Peeking and Pokeing. This was soon followed by the MZ-80K, K2, C, and K2E, all of which were based on 8-bit LH0080A Sharp CPU (compatible to Zilog Z80A) with an alphanumeric keyboard. That issue, and most of the others mentioned in its ‘Index‘, are still available as back numbers. The original Sharp tape Basic, SP-5025, was deficient in many respects, and we offer SP-5060, SP-5025.

The Sharp MZ-80K personal computer can handle serious business as well as the next microcomputer. CP/M System Files and Manuals;. You can find it here.

The MZ-80K is still very useful, due to the fact that a lot of good software was written for it. I have removed two polyester capacitor (filter) that are exploded after a few seconds. MZ-80K Know how – Memory Mapped IO – 8255 – Keyboard.

The MZ series is divided into several lines, including the text-based MZ-80K series, the graphics-based MZ-80B series, and the MZ-3500/5500 series, based on a completely different architecture. Most of the above files are useful to the average user ( but you may certainly erase IODEFS. Manual for DISASM B800 v.

Ova računala su se prodavala u Japanu, i Zapadnoj Europi (Velika Britanija i Njemačka). The Sharp P3 printer was designed for the MZ-80K, and is rugged, reliable, and cheap on ribbons; and the SUC can supply an improved character eprom for £5. It was then introduced to the European market in 1979 as a ready-built computer. Some of the changes are tricky, and a reliable solution remains exlusive. 90625E-03 for 6 s. View and Download Sharp MZ-80B service manual online. MZ-80K MZ-3500 Mz-koo MZ-700 MZ-80A Pc-7200. CP/M and PCP/M for Sharp Machines, on 3.

From the first Z80 processor-based model to the MZ-2200 in 1983, the MZ computers included the PC, monitor, keyboard, and tape-based recorder in a single unit, similar to Commodore&39;s. This was an all-in-one machine from the Japanese electronics gi. Sharp MZ ime je za porodicu kućnih računala koje je proizvodila tvrtka Sharp. All of these may be RUN from disk for convenience. If so, please contact the Chief Editor - Tel. Many better tape utilities came from elsewhere, including the ZEN Assembler, the B880 MASTER Disassembler, Z80 MACHINE, PROBE, CLUB COPY, and SUPERTAPE 2.

Rare SHARP MZ-711 Computer - working! Several MZ-700, MZ-800, and a MZ-80A, a MZ-80B, a MZ-3541, and a MZ-5600 were kindly spent in these years by two fans which stopped there SHARP-MZ-activities. This masterpiece of low-cost, easy-to-use, micro-processor technology takes over where TV games end, becoming a sophisticated source of endless hours of family entertainment. . Can be used too on the MZ-700 or the MZ-800 / 1500 in the 700-mode. The Sharp MZ-80A was the "enhanced" version of the Sharp MZ-80K. Manual; a sorry defect which I shall now attempt to rectify, on bended knee. We have all ‘K‘ Manuals; photocopies are available at cost, but ‘SOFTWARE MANUAL III‘ covers a lot of ground, only £2 post free.

I copy of the listing of Sharp Basic SP-5025, by Avalon. In / I could buy by ebay auctions a MZ-80K with a lot of hardware, software, and informational materials and a MZ-40K with inbuilt option 1. The MZ-80K Library contains many adventure and mz-80k ‘zapping‘ games, but most of them are boring compared with those on a modern IBM PC or ‘Nintendo‘. Over time I&39;m hoping this will grow into quite a large catalogue of programming tips, games reviews & videos, manuals and other interesting historical information regarding this early &39;80s computer. · 6 thoughts on “ Sharp MZ-80K (1978) ” Steve lavache Febru at 12:29 pm.

This is a I/O Extension device to connect bus-line signals being output from MZ-80K to peripheral units such as dot printer, floppy disk, colour display and so on. I assume, that not all commands are supported for these. Standard printers may be used; for years, we were led to believe that a special printer I/F was needed, but we now know that this is not so, and a Standard Sharp printer I/F may be used. APRIL 1999 ASCII or SHARP printer (A. 37KT, and Sharp Pencil. It was written by HUDSONSOFT in the year 1980.

It was written for the MZ-80K but it will run on a MZ-700 / 800 too. Sharp‘s programmers have certainly gone to town on this piece of software. Precision: 6 / 16 significant decimal figures (e. S-DOM is a powerful system, but it surfaced late in the day, and has not been fully exploited. The later MZ-80A model had a similar specification but incorporated a standard keyboard. Will be supplied with a mains lead, correct BASIC (5025) cassette, and manuals (service and operator) on CD if.

QDOS ( German origin ) loads programs faster than Sharp‘s SP-6015, and has many unusual utilities. sharp mz-80k manual If there isn’t a manual for the program you’ve downloaded then it will be coming soon! ( Makes a change ). The original Sharp disk Basic, SP-6015, was similarly deficient, and we rate SP-7011 as the best all-round upgrade ( although the ‘Knight Commander‘, ‘Ardensoft‘ and ‘CPE Disk Basic Plus‘ toolkits all have their points ). arithmetic, we can offer Hu-BASIC, a powerful Microsoft-style interpreter. godine i za to vrijeme imala su napredna svojstva, i imala su pristup naprednim programskim jezicima treće generacije kao BASIC, Pascal i F.

The Sharp MZ 80A was the "enhanced" version of the Sharp MZ 80K. It would be mentioned in the manual and other 80A books. OPENING DISPLAY When DISASM v. In this video i take a look at a and repair a Sharp MZ-80K personal computer from the early 1980s. with a German Manual.

Manual and Demonstration Disks for Sharp FONTWRITER Model 760UM. In the official M-T CP/M Manuals for the MZ-80A and the MZ-80B, all these files, and other special features of the M-T systems, are described in a supplementary ‘Sharp‘ section, occupying 20 – 30 pages ( depending on the machine and the revision number ). Računala Sharp MZ pojavila su se u Zapadnoj Europi 1979. Sharp‘s special ‘ASCII‘ character set, and their strange printer control codes, both rernain inherent problems; if your software does not contain bui. 5″ disks (part II). It is not built into the machine as standard. sharp mz-80k manual Welcome to my comprehensive resource site for the Sharp MZ-80A. Like the MZ 80K and the MZ 80B, it had no language in ROM.

DextersTechLab 8,510 views. Sharp MZ-80K The MZ-80K was introduced in 1978 to the Japanese market in kit form. Japanese Manual MZ-80K2 Technical Data, Basic SP-5020. Do you have any ideas. At these prices, anyone still using a tape-based MZ-80K should think big! the earliest and most popular MZ-machines i. In addition, the Chief Editor has the following documents which are surplus to his requirements:- I orig. Virtually all the software above has been described in past issues of the SUC Magazine, and an ‘Index‘ to these articles appeared on pages 6 – 11 of Vol.

As most of us already know, the Sharp Users Club was founded in September 1980, at Yeovil College in Somerset, England. 15 is loaded, an initial ‘one-off display offers the choice of an ASCII or SHARP printer routine. orange-hard-cover &39;MZ-80K Disk Basic&39; Manual (covering the additions in SP-6015).

To run XTAL‘s CP/M, the MZ-80K must be modified. Most of the resulting programs are now legitimately ours, and we have an impressive range of software for the rnachine, some being of Continental origin. They expect an end-of-line ‘CR‘ ( [FULLTEXT]D ), upon which they print the line, and then do AUTO LF; this precludes any operation requiring two passes e. ZEN DOS and SDOS were specially written to run certain programs, and this has remained their main application.

And for youngsters, of. The MZ-80B was released in 1981 after being presented at the German Hannover Messe in April 1981. Later Sharp printers ( P4 / 5 / 6 ) may also be used, if fitted with a ‘K‘ character eprom. Sharp FDOS has some useful features, but time and patience is needed to learn to use them. · If you were a computer enthusiast in the late 1970s and early 1980s, one of your objects of desire may well have been a Sharp MZ-80K. smalltalkfe Recommended for you.

The MZ-80K was a surprisingly popular computer in Japan, U. But it can also. Sharp provided a few tape utilities ( a machine-code editor, and a Z80 editor / assembler ), but they were not popular. Sharp‘s FILING. However, there are good chess programs ( esp.

15/11/20 -- Documents -- I have finally scanned in my copy of the MZ-1200 Owner&39;s Manual which could be useful to compare between the European MZ-80. Not by Sharp themselves, but by others who saw the weaknesses in some of Sharp‘s original software and did something about it. with box and manual.

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